About Our Company

Daniel’s cleaning services is a veteran cleaning company offering personalized and professional cleaning, disinfection, and housekeeping services, with guaranteed quality and satisfaction. We provide professional housekeeping services to the residential, commercial, and specialty sectors. We have extensive expertise in the regular housekeeping of businesses, office buildings, and private residences. Our seasoned teams are familiar with good food safety practices and are proud to exceed market quality standards. We also provide top-quality maintenance services at very economical prices. On-site, nothing is left to likelihood, and our administrators ensure the quality of the work.

Our Corporate Values

We measure our success by our core values that we put into practice in all of our interactions, whether with each other or with our clients. At Daniel’s cleaning services, respect is at the heart of our philosophy because we believe that it is closely linked to the success of the company. In our offices, there is a serene and consultative working atmosphere. We promote teamwork so that everyone draws on the expertise and experiences of others. Our initiative is a crucial value that allows the company to push its limits. We encourage our employees to be proactive and enterprising when the situation arises. Because every action and thing has repercussions, we demand of our people honest conduct and integrity in dealing with our customers and suppliers.

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